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GaN-on-Si Wafer Fab Process 

GaN devices enable greater power integration than silicon ICs and it can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of electrical converters. Due to its intrinsic properties and superior characteristics, GaN is gaining momentum in power conversion applications in automobiles, electrical vehicle charging stations, servers, and industrial systems.

It allows discrete devices, such as FETs and Schottky diodes to operate at higher voltages efficiently. Early adopters are the medium voltage power electronics market which is between 600V to 900V. Some are pushing it up 1200V. While others have transformed devices rated at 200V and below. It is highly expected that Si based power devices will be replaced with GaN devices for reduced switching losses, increased efficiency, and improved temperature performance.

Some IDM have developed RF devices with GaN technology for high breakdown strength, low noise figure and high linearity. With the increasing usage of this ideal wideband gap semiconductor, IGaN is well positioned to enable the quick adoption of GaN-on-Si technology for Power and RF companies through its proprietary technologies in epitaxy growth as well as 200mm CMOS-compatible wafer fabrication.

  • Our fab, designed with standard mechanical interface environment (SMIF) mini environments,  is an award-winning 200mm facility with a state-of the art clean room.
  • For conventional class 1 clean rooms, it is a requirement that on average, each cubic foot (about 28 litres) of air contains no more than 1 dust particle with a diameter of more than 0.1 um. The SMIF mini environment with controlled airflow and pressure, which is better than class 1, has much less particles.
  • Our clean room has a flooring that prevents vibration, suitable to house vibration sensitive equipment.

Our facility is equipped with a real-time chemical dispensing management (CDM) control system. To ensure the highest purity of water before feeding into process tools, the quality of DI water is processed to above 18.15 mOhmcm with very low total organic carbon (TOC) and zero particles.

  • IGaN’s Multi Project Wafer (MPW) program is a cost-effective, multi-project designs and IP verification service for customers and IP providers.
  • This program runs regularly and multiple customers can join the MPW program by sharing the mask costs.
  • IGaN has a FAB data supply system for customers online, with private web pages for each customer account. By accessing your secure web page, you can check the status of lots, including the progress of manufacture, measurement data from the process control monitor (PCM) for wafers and more.