IGaN and A-PRO to activate 650V GaN Device Development on 200mm platform with a kick-off meeting

Singapore, 19 Nov 2020 – IGSS GaN Pte.Ltd (IGaN), an internationally-recognised technology developer and commercialisation experts in gallium nitride-on-silicon/silicon carbide (GaN-on-Si/SiC), and A-PRO Semicon, a global leader in power electronics total solution providers, put the wheels in motion as plans for a November kick-off meeting gets underway. Following a recent formalisation of the partnership, the upcoming meeting aims to crystalise key milestones in a collaboration that looks to produce 650V E-mode GaN power transistors. 

This pioneering effort comes on the heels of IGaN’s US$73 mil investment in building a GaN Epi Centre, reinforcing its ambitions to expand GaN epi production capacity and the mass production of 8″ (200mm) GaN fabrication technologies. Recognised as a “one-stop solutions provider”, IGaN’s proprietary know-how continues to break barriers in cost-effectiveness and defect control in manufacturing GaN. 

The collaboration strengthens A-PRO Semicon’s commercialisation strategy in RF/Power devices and modules/systems, using them through the production of E-mode GaN device that has been developed so far.

GaN is widely believed to be the replacement for Si in power electronics as it enables more efficient power conversion, possible with the wider bandgap capabilities, compared to silicon. This means it can sustain higher voltages and allows current to run through a device, faster. Furthermore, device engineers can use GaN in similar voltage applications while maintaining a significantly smaller footprint.

A-PRO Semicon Co., Ltd. of Gwangju, South Korea manufactures GaN devices for RF/Power electronics applications, and is a subsidiary company of A-PRO Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 262260), founded in 2000. Supplying to many technology giants, globally, A-PRO Co.Ltd is engaged in the business of secondary battery equipment and power modules/systems, and has also been incubating research and development of wide bandgap semiconductors.

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