RAM Group & IGaN partnership advances commercialisation of full-body monitoring Quantum Sensor, operating 70% faster than AI

World’s first clinically-validated Quantum Device Sensor (QDS) provides non-invasive, continuous whole-body organ system monitoring

Singapore, 23 October 2019 – RAM Group, a global company focused on designing, fabricating and commercialising of the world’s most advanced quantum device sensors, sees its strategic collaboration with IGaN as an opportunity to accelerate QDS’ time-to-market. Among the first commercially-ready healthcare application is the quantum Cardio-respiratory Monitor, or qCRM™, a wearable-based solution that integrates RAM Group’s proprietary Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) engine – operating 70 per cent faster than Artificial Intelligence.

Converting signals from a Single-Point Monitoring (SPM) chip to produce bio-signals of the heart, lungs and other organs, it will aid immediate and hyper-accurate diagnosis of diseases or disorders through more robust machine learning capabilities.

Creating a range and depth of data previously inaccessible or otherwise produced through multiple diagnostic devices, the partnership taps into IGaN’s existing 8” (200mm) silicon infrastructure to deliver superior performance that is at least comparable if not at a significantly reduced total cost, allowing QDS’ global commercialisation at scale.

Raj Kumar, Founder and Group CEO of IGSS Ventures Pte Ltd, of which IGaN is a subsidiary, explained, “We are excited to bring to this partnership IGaN’s in-depth know-how in cost-competitive commercialising and accelerating time-to-market of GaN-on-Si-based technologies. Successful clinical trialling and QDS’ market-readiness is case in point for the advanced capabilities of niche semiconductors like GaN-on-Si, particularly as a superior replacement for silicon chips. It must be said that with RAM Group, we can together, enable the adoption of GaN-on-Si sensor-based applications beyond healthcare to further drive Singapore’s potential as a global innovation hub in emerging semiconductor applications.”

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